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For many students with disabilities—and for many without—the key to success in the classroom lies in having appropriate adaptations, accommodations, and modifications made to the instruction and other classroom activities.Some adaptations are as simple as moving a distractible student to the front of the class or away from the pencil sharpener or the window.read more Prepare to teach the students with special needs you may have in your class...read more Find ways to adapt the mathematics curriculum CMP2 for special-needs students, with this helpful printable.However, once you get into the habit of this type of reflection as you plan each learning experience, you will soon be a pro at ensuring the inclusional classroom works as best as it can to meet your diverse group of students which are found in most classrooms today.Always remember, that no 2 students learn the same, be patient and continue to differentiate both instruction and assessment as much as possible.Part 1: A Quick Look at Terminology Part 2: Different Types of Supports and adaptations all mean the same thing.The simple answer is: No, not completely, but yes, for the most part. ) People tend to use the terms interchangeably, to be sure, and we will do so here, for ease of reading, but distinctions can be made between the terms.

(USDA Guidance) Students must be: Safe Healthy - adequately nourished and hydrated Independent as possible during mealtime Special meals, at no additional cost, for students whose disability restricts their diet Documentation with accompanying instructions from a licensed physician Must identify: student's disability or medical condition explanation of why/how the disability or medical conditionrestricts the student’s diet major life activity affected food or foods to be omitted from the child's diet food or choice of foods that must be substituted In order to accommodate a student with a disability, both facilities and personnel must be adequate to provide necessary services: School's responsibility providing program accommodations for students with disabilities Personal responsibility competence to implement program non-negligence The Child Nutrition program is not required to provide meal services to students with disabilities when the meal service is not normally available to the general student body, unless a meal service is required under the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan Increase downward pressure of spoon on tongue Presenting sour bolus (lemon juice) Presenting cold bolus Presentation bolus requiring chewing Presenting larger bolus (3 ml or more) Thermal-tactile stimulation (cold stimulation) Logemann, 1998 Follow physician orders in collaboration with family and team Provide input to team and physician after obtaining permission to release information If dysphagia or aspiration are suspected, collaborate with family for physician visit If parent refuses medical assessment of swallowing, request family feed student at school School MUST do what is in the best interest of student’s safety at all times May be required for documented feeding issues Texture prescribed by recognized medical authority School understands food modification order School is ready and able to prepare modified textures Environmental Health (EH) rules prohibit food preparation in the classroom Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points An internal check system specific to each cafeteria kitchen and classroom A method of identifying critical control points (CCP’s) for preventing foodborne illness Standardized food safety plan to prevent foodborne illness Systematic program designed to reduce risk of foodborne hazards by focusing on each step of the food preparation process-- from receiving to service Specifically, it is: science-based operation specific practical Immunocompromised Preschool age children Students with disabilities Older adults Obtaining food at a facility: Child or adult day care center Senior center Health care or assisted living center Most Child Nutrition Services do not serve highly susceptible populations…EXCEPT: facilities serving students with disabilities — for these facilities, additional safeguards MUST be in place Regulations prohibit food preparation in areas that do not have a food handling permit (i.e., classroom) Special considerations for: Juice Pasteurized eggs or egg products Ready-to-eat foods Tube feedings Fresh squeezed juice cannot be served All juice must be prepackaged and pasteurized or in a commercially sterile, shelf-stable form in a hermetically sealed container Juice prepared from concentrate using safe, potable water allowable as long as safe food handling practices are followed according to HACCP plan Substitute pasteurized eggs or egg products for raw eggs when making recipes calling for lightly cooked eggs All eggs and egg dishes must be cooked to at least 145 degrees F or hotter for immediate service or 155 degrees if hot held Eggs remain a major source of salmonella infections Raw eggs must come from a permitted supplier Do NOT serve: Raw animal foods raw fish or shellfish raw, marinated fish steak tartare Partially cooked animal foods lightly cooked fish rare meat soft cooked eggs from raw eggs meringues Raw, unpasteurized milk or products made from it Raw seed sprouts Tube feedings are administered by competent nurse, therapist, or educator assigned by school Child Nutrition personnel do not administer tube feedings Provision of formula is responsibility of either parent or school If refrigeration of formula is required, school must provide appropriate refrigeration Food must be prepared under a HACCP plan that: Prohibits bare hand contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods Ensures salmonella enteritidis is controlled before and after cooking Controls cross-contamination of RTE foods and raw eggs Delineates cleaning and sanitizing procedures for food contact surfaces Describes proper procedure training program for food service staff Handwashing frequent and proper Proper use of disposable gloves Personal hygiene Proper cleaning and sanitation procedures Proper food handling procedures throughout flow of food No leftovers or advanced preparation of potentially hazardous foods Useonlycommercially prepared formulas for tube feedings -no foods prepared in the school cafeteria kitchen may be used All equipment (food processors, blenders, etc.) and utensils must be NSF approved Coordinates “big picture” approach to mealtime Assesses and designs mealtime routines Selects adaptive equipment Modifies environment Addresses mechanics of plate-to-mouth feeding Addresses sensory deficits limiting mealtime participation Alleghany School?

The Accomodated Centre offers registered students access to the assistive technology needed to achieve success in their academic program.

A consultation with our Assistive Technologist is available to determine technologies best suited to the learning needs of the student.

Appropriately modify your instruction to address diverse needs with our articles on bilingual special education, Autism, and ADD/ADHD.

You'll also find great resources for implementing IEPs and creating an inclusive classroom.

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